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    Czech Gold Brindled chicken

    Characteristics of Czech gold brindle chickens

    Czech gold brindle chicken is a light chicken breed. It is well-adapted to the harsher environmental conditions in Central Europe. It is very temperament, shy, wary, unassuming in feeding and breeding, resistant, hardy and very active in digging for food. These characteristics make it suitable for semi-captive breeding as well as for breeding in large paddocks where the chickens can find plenty of food for themselves.

    photo Czech Gold Brindled chicken, hen photo Czech Gold Brindled chicken, rooster

    The roosters weigh 2,3-2,8 kg, hens 2-2,5 kg. The hens are good nonsitters, produce 150-190 eggs per year of 55-60 g weight. The colour of eggs is cream (yellowish to pale brown). The meat has excellent quality, is juicy and soft. Broody hens have a very good maternal instinct to hatch the eggs and raise the chicks.


    Original colour variety is gold brindle and partridge. Later other colour variants have been developed: gold, silver, silver brindle, black, black-white. Different plumage colour is caused by the presence of different genes controlling the feather colour. All colours variants have the same utility characteristics.

    Ring size
    rooster 18 mm
    hen 16 mm

    Bantam Czech chickens

    The Bantam variety of Czech chickens were created during the 20th century. The roosters weigh 0,9-1,2 kg, hens 0,7-1 kg. The hens produce 100-120 eggs per year of 40 g weight. They are kept in gold brindle and silver brindle.

    Ring size
    rooster 13 mm
    hen 11 mm

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